Jatt Quotes in English

“Once a Jatt, always a Jatt.”

Once a Jatt, always a Jatt.

“Respect the Jatt, or face the consequences.”

Respect the Jatt, or face the consequences.

“Proud to be a Jatt, it’s in my blood.”

Proud to be a Jatt, it’s in my blood.

“Jatt attitude, can’t be beat.”

Jatt attitude, can’t be beat.

“Jatt by nature, warrior by choice.”

Jatt by nature, warrior by choice.

“Jatt di pasand, unbeatable swag.”

Jatt di pasand, unbeatable swag.

“Jatt da munda, fearless and fierce.”

Jatt da munda, fearless and fierce.

“Jatt di zameen, Jatt di shaan.”

Jatt di zameen, Jatt di shaan.

“Jatt by birth, proud by choice.”

Jatt by birth, proud by choice.

“Jatt power, unmatched strength.”

Jatt power, unmatched strength.

“Jatt swag, can’t be copied.”

Jatt swag, can’t be copied.

“Jatt di shaan, unmatched valor.”

Jatt di shaan, unmatched valor.

“Jatt attitude, undefeatable spirit.”

Jatt attitude, undefeatable spirit.

“Jatt da style, unbeatable charisma.”

Jatt da style, unbeatable charisma.

“Jatt by blood, fearless by nature.”

Jatt by blood, fearless by nature.

“Jatt pride, can’t be overshadowed.”

Jatt pride, can’t be overshadowed.

“Jatt di soch, unbeatable mindset.”

Jatt di soch, unbeatable mindset.

“Jatt kudiyan, fearless and independent.”

Jatt kudiyan, fearless and independent.

“Jatt di jind, full of passion.”

Jatt di jind, full of passion.

“Jatt by heart, lion by spirit.”

Jatt by heart, lion by spirit.

“Jattiyat da junoon, unbeatable determination.”

Jattiyat da junoon, unbeatable determination.

“Jatt da stand, unbreakable resilience.”

Jatt da stand, unbreakable resilience.

“Jatt di aukat, unbeatable strength.”

Jatt di aukat, unbeatable strength.

“Jatt di soch, unbeatable mindset.”

“Jatt swag, unbeatable style.”

Jatt swag, unbeatable style.

“Jatt di shaan, unmatched valor.”

“Jatt pride, unstoppable confidence.”

Jatt pride, unstoppable confidence.

“Jatt by birth, warrior by heart.”

Jatt by birth, warrior by heart.

“Jatt attitude, unmatched aura.”

Jatt attitude, unmatched aura.

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