200+ Best Captions for Video Call Screenshots

200+ Best Captions for Video Call Screenshots

Video calling your friends and family is one of the best ways to stay connected when you can’t be together in person. It’s so fun to see everyone’s faces on apps like FaceTime, Zoom or Skype. One of the most fun parts of video chatting is taking silly or sweet screenshots to remember the good times. But a video call screenshot isn’t complete without an awesome caption to go with it!

In this article, we’ve come up with over 200 great caption ideas for your next video call screenshot. Whether you want funny captions for silly pictures with your siblings or romantic words for cute moments with your boyfriend or girlfriend, we’ve got you covered. We have captions perfect for screenshots with your best friends, your family, your crush – anyone you love to video chat with!

Read on for a huge list of creative captions to pair with your favorite video call screenshots. These will help you showcase and remember the best virtual hangouts with all your loved ones. Add one of these fun phrases to your next video call picture to make an epic Instagram post or Snapchat story!

200+ Best Captions for Video Call Screenshots

Instagram Captions for Video Call Screenshots

Looking for the perfect Instagram caption to pair with your fave video call screenshot? Try these clever ideas:

  • Call me! #virtuallyinseparable
  • Long distance can’t stop us! ❤️💙 #digitaldates
  • Missing you tons! 😊 #virtualvibes
  • Laughs shared across the miles 🤣#longdistancelove
  • Virtual snuggles with my faves! 💕 #digitaldistancing
  • Digital distraction at its finest 💻 #virtualhangout
  • Living our best FaceTime lives 📲 #videocallvibes
  • Bonded across the screen 💙#bffl
  • Sisters share the best digital laughs 💕#sisterlove
  • Bros being bros, near or #videochat #brotherlylove
  • Our happy virtual family ❤️ #familyforever
  • Girl time is the best time, anywhere! 💜#digitalbff
  • Laughter cures anything – even distance! 😆 #longdistancebff
  • Missing your cute face 😍 #videocallmemories

Captions for Video Call Screenshots With Your Boyfriend

Video calling your boyfriend is the best way to see his cute face when you’re not together. Capture your favorite moments with these video call caption ideas:

  • I just wanna see you smile.
  • The highlight of my day is seeing you.
  • I love our virtual hangouts.
  • My favorite view.
  • Missing you a latte.
  • You make me happier than snacks.
  • Too cute not to capture.
  • My dream guy.
  • You warm my heart.
  • Love this digital date.
  • You look even cuter on video.
  • Staying connected across the miles.
  • My favorite reason to stay home.
  • Counting down the days until I see you.
  • Love this long distance view.
  • My favorite face to see.
  • Loving our virtual visits.
  • You make me smile more than anyone.

Captions for Video Call Screenshots With Your Girlfriend

Chat the day away with your amazing girlfriend and capture the best moments with these video call screenshot captions:

  • Our laughs light up my day.
  • You make my heart flutter from miles away.
  • Nothing beats seeing your beautiful smile.
  • You’re the peanut butter to my jelly.
  • Lucky to have a girl as sweet as you.
  • Our virtual hangouts are the highlight of my day.
  • Your cute face keeps me going.
  • I dig all our digital dates.
  • Our love sparks even through a screen.
  • My day is always better with you in it.
  • You warm my heart more than hot chocolate.
  • Loving our virtual visits.
  • No distance can dull my love for you.
  • My favorite person to chat with.
  • Your smile is my favorite view.

Captions for Video Call Screenshots With Friends

Your best friends always make video chats so much fun. Share the laughter with caption ideas like:

  • Smiles all around.
  • Friends share the best laughs.
  • Our virtual hangouts are always a blast.
  • Spreading joy through the screen.
  • Friends who virtual chat together, stay together.
  • These are the days worth capturing.
  • Friends forever from afar.
  • Laughs shared across the miles.
  • Love our digital date nights!
  • Missing you all a ton!
  • Virtual fun with my closest crew.
  • Distance makes our hearts grow fonder.
  • Living our best digital lives.
  • Friendship has no distance limit.
  • Lucky to have friends as awesome as you!

Captions for Video Call Screenshots With Family

Staying connected with family is priceless. Capture your virtual family chats with these caption ideas:

  • Family time from miles away.
  • Love when we all video chat.
  • Missing you tons!
  • Virtual family fun.
  • Our happy place is each other.
  • Family is forever, near or far.
  • Lucky to have a family as cool as you!
  • Our crazy clan’s virtual hangout.
  • Laughter shared across the miles.
  • Distance only brings us closer.
  • Our family heart is always together.
  • Thankful for our virtual family dates.
  • You all make me endlessly happy.
  • No matter where we are, family is home.
  • Our happy crew always makes me smile.

Captions for Video Call Screenshots With Your Best Friend

Your BFF is the first person you want to video chat. Capture your digital hangouts with these caption ideas:

  • Sharing smiles across the screen.
  • BFFs for life, near or far.
  • My favorite friend to virtually laugh with.
  • Our digital dates are the highlight of my week.
  • Bonded across the miles.
  • Lucky to have a bestie as amazing as you!
  • Making memories through the screen.
  • You brighten my day more than sunshine.
  • Friends forever, wherever we are.
  • Laughter shared is happiness doubled.
  • My favorite face to see on video calls.
  • Living our best digital lives together!
  • You make my heart smile from miles away.
  • Nothing beats virtual time with my bestie!

Funny Captions for Video Call Screenshots

Make your friends and family laugh out loud with these funny and punny video call captions:

  • Smile! You’re on candid camera.
  • Screenshot or it didn’t happen.
  • I solemnly swear I was up to no good.
  • Pretends to work
  • Proof we can have fun from afar.
  • Virtual buddies.
  • Digital distraction.
  • Insert laugh track here.
  • cue laugh track
  • Laughter is the best distance medicine.
  • I virtually enjoy your company.
  • Don’t mind me, just capturing memories!
  • Consider this your virtual hug.
  • Socially distanced shenanigans.
  • Distracted from distraction by distraction.
  • Besties, near or digital.

Captions for Video Call Screenshots With Your Brother

Brothers always know how to make you laugh. Show off your sibling love with these caption ideas:

  • Brotherly love across the miles.
  • Bros being bros from afar.
  • Proof we can drive each other crazy, even virtually!
  • Lucky to have a brother as cool as you!
  • Bro time is the best time.
  • Missing my partner in crime!
  • Nothing beats brotherly bonding, even from afar.
  • Virtual laughs with my favorite brother!
  • Bros will be bros.
  • Brotherly Shenanigans.
  • Brothers share the best laughs.
  • Brother from another mother.
  • Bro bonding to the next level: virtually!
  • Brotherly chats are the highlight of my day.
  • Thanks for always making me laugh!

Captions for Video Call Screenshots With Your Girlfriend

Girl time is precious, so capture your virtual girlfriend hangouts with these caption ideas:

  • Nothing beats a digital GNO!
  • Girlfriends share the best virtual vibes.
  • Lucky to have amazing girls like you in my life!
  • Our online girl time is priceless.
  • Girlfriends are forever, near or far.
  • Living our best digital lives.
  • Girls just wanna have virtual fun!
  • Our digital hangouts make me endlessly happy.
  • Girls supporting girls across the miles.
  • My favorite females to chat with!
  • Laughter from afar with my favorite ladies!
  • Together in spirit across the screen.
  • Girls who virtual chat together, stay together!
  • Your beautiful faces make me smile.

Captions for Video Call Screenshots With Your Sister

Having a sister is the best. Capture your virtual sister time with these caption ideas:

  • Sisterly love without limits.
  • Lucky to have a sister as sweet as you!
  • Sis knows how to make me laugh.
  • Nothing beats quality virtual time with my sis!
  • Sister bonding from afar.
  • Sisters share the best laughs.
  • Our happy place is chatting together.
  • Sisterly chats are the highlight of my day!
  • Sisters by chance, friends by choice.
  • Thankful for our virtual sister dates!
  • Missing my partner in crime!
  • Virtual sister time is the best time.
  • Sisterly Shenanigans.
  • Living our best digital sister life!
  • Sisterly love stands the test of miles.


Video calls make it easy to stay connected, no matter the distance. With over 200 caption ideas for any kind of video call screenshot, you’re sure to find the perfect words to caption your favorite virtual memories.

Use these captions as inspiration to showcase your favorite video call moments with your boyfriend, girlfriend, family, friends and more. Add a clever Instagram caption and you’ll have an unforgettable way to look back on the special chats you share from miles apart.

So next time you take an epic screenshot from a video call, don’t forget to pair it with the perfect caption! Your future self will thank you for capturing such happy memories.

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